Hello everyone. In this blog we talk a lot about the quality of code: Patterns, Object-Oriented Design, SOLID principles, etc. Week ago I started to think about the tools we have that help us to measure and improve quality of code. That's how I came up with the idea of a survey: "Code Quality Tools". In this article I would like to share results of that survey with you.

Hi guys, today we will go through the idea of Inversion Of Control (IoC) by really interesting example: Hanami::Events gem.

In Rails 5 each migration class is inherited from ActiveRecord::Migration[5.0]. It looks quite unusual to see that [5.0] part at the end of the parent class. In this article I'll describe why we might need it and how it works.

This is the last article on SOLID principles and today we're going to talk about Dependency Inversion Principle.

We've covered three SOLID principles so far. But this one is going to be special. Interface Segregation Principle refers to Interfaces, but we don't have it in Ruby. Should we omit this part? I don't think so, we can still learn something from it.

Hi guys, let's continue learning SOLID principles. Today we will talk about Liskov Substitution principle. The principle, that Barbara Liskov defined in 1987 in her conference keynote named "Data abstraction and hierarchy".

In my previous article I covered Single Responsibility Principle. Today I'm going to write about the "O" in SOLID - Open/Closed Principle.

I write a lot about patterns and Object-Oriented Design, so I couldn't miss opportunity to write about SOLID principles of Object-Oriented Design. I'm going to show by example how we can use these principles in Ruby.

Hi guys. Today I would like to discuss Facade Pattern and a little bit of Domain-Driven Design. I will start from description of Facade Pattern and show how it can help us to implement Aggregate - one of the main concepts of DDD.

Hi guys. I'm so glad to announce that article about Specification Pattern was picked for RubyWeekly #341. Also article Decoupling From Rails [Part 1] started just awesome discussion on Reddit. It means that we're moving to the right direction. I'm going to finish my series of articles about Decoupling From Rails soon, but today would like to talk about modules. How to add class methods and instance methods by including one module into class.

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