Hi there! My name is Sergii and I'm a Ruby developer.

Long Story Short

I've got my first PC in year 2000. I was developing pet-projects using C++ and Deplphi. After that I switched to C# for a while.

I launched my first website in 2003 and switched from Desktop-development to Web-development.

In 2008 I was writing production code using PHP with different frameworks.

In 2010 I switched to Ruby and Rails. Later I started to read more and more books about Object-Oriented Design and Test-Driven Development.

Since 2015 I started to look into Domain-Driven Design.

In 2017 I started to contribute to OpenSource:

I keep list of books that I read and I can recommend to other developers: Books

Feel free to send me an email.



Switched to vim and bought a really good keyboard:

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Launched this blog to write down notes on what I've learnt so far.

Visited different conferences:

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Rubyc abc993cfa8943f868a3328661c011abe129a1d2ca35b5da2ceb091428853bbfe

Went to Poland to 2-days Domain-Driven Design workshop by Arkency:

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Went to Trailblazer workshop by Nick Sutterer (creator of Trailblazer):

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Moved to United States:

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Made a talk regarding Domain-Driven Design:

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Wrote articles for this blog that been featured in RubyWeekly: #348, #341

Contributed 2 cops to RuboCop gem so far:

Spent incredible week in Silicon Valley

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